Advantages of our professional Television Programming:

75% better understanding

The content oft he programs are clearly received with a better understanding by 75% of customers surveyed.

90% more memorable

It is proven that moving-image media content is 90% more memorable to viewers after 72 hours, compared to advertising that is only presented via audio or text alone.

50 times more

Video marketing on your internet homepage will create 50 times more successful Search Results for future customers.

Advantages of urlaubstippTV:

Live Moderator

Customers prefer to be informed by familiar, relatable broadcasters who can share insight rather than anonymous printed sources.

Leistbare Fernsehwerbung für jedermann!

Target Audience

70% of the viewers are over 30 years old, and 50% are over 50 years old. This is a motivated target audience with the highest travel budget. These age groups are often searching not necessarily for the cheapest, but rather the best quality travel offers.

Price Performance

Our professional promotional services are offered on an individual basis with favorable terms – and all from one source! In addition, the rights to the final television program are yours for continued use, for example on your business homepage or partner websites.

Broadcasting area

14 channels
2,59 Mio. viewers / week
856.000 viewers / day
Mit RTL: 727.000 viewers / show


7  channels

1,2 Mio. viewers / month

1 channel
1,2 Mio. viewers / week
450.000 viewers / day
120.000 / show (!)

1 channel
700.000 viewers / week
266.000 / day



1 channel

  150.000 / day / show


Seit September ist Puls 24 am Markt und schon jetzt wurde ein Marktanteil von 0,5 Prozent generiert.

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Our team has many years of experience in the film and television industry.


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