A new company, dedicated professionals with many years of experience in film production.

We offer you the ideal platform to put your offer perfectly in the right light. The programme awakens the desire to travel and positions destinations positively and emotionally.

Moving pictures that arouse emotions. Emotional, lasting, impressive, effective.

Why advertising on regional television? Why with UrlaubstippTV?

People want to see their destinations with their own eyes. Like no other medium, television can transport feelings and arouse emotions. Only moving pictures create wanderlust and convince of the special nature of your offer. They show what words cannot express.

80% of the viewers on regional television are over 30 years old, and 50% over 50. Like no other medium, regional television gives you access to a target group with purchasing power and the will to travel.

UrlaubstippTV is a regular programme format and advertises interesting travel destinations. All programmes are uploaded on our homepage and on Youtube and are available to all viewers on the Internet for viewing again.

UrlaubstippTV enables a fast implementation of advertising measures. Only a few weeks pass from the placing of the order to the broadcast.

Production process

From project to script…

The script is written by our creative minds. Of course your wishes and ideas will be considered.

… to the production

The production is taken over by us. Any already existing recordings can replace parts of the production process and be incorporated into the new film.

… to the broadcast

The broadcast takes place in the German regional television in a target group suitable for you to a favorable transmission time. We take over the booking of the desired packages for you.

Media data and prices

You can find more detailed information on our current offers, the range and costs of shipments in our brochure: Download the brochure